Tom Rhodes posts the Cathy Sorbo podcast

This episode was recorded in Seattle, Washington. I have known Cathy Sorbo for over 20 years. She is not only a brilliant stand up comedian but she also keeps inventing these supremely hilarious songs. She decided to stay based in Seattle to be with her family and I think she is better off for it. Her real life experiences are the gems of her material that makes me laugh the hardest but it is her inventiveness in her style and in her songs that make her a comedy legend. She has been a true friend to me and it would be impossible for me to come to Seattle and not see her. Cathy is one of those rare creatures who personally busts me up with laughter. Her innate silliness perfectly compliments her astute intelligence. She is one of my favorite human beings walking the earth today, she is the one and only Cathy Sorbo.

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